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Itty Bitty correction:

After a pattern has been proof read it is corrected and saved. The old one is deleted and the new file goes to the printer. Guess I am showing my age. I deleted the proof read file and sent the original file to the printer. I’m so sorry if this has caused you trouble. Follow the instructions below to make the corrections.

Group 1 patterns - Upper right pattern Count from the upper right corner square of the pattern down 6 squares then left 9 squares and delete that symbol.
Group 2 patterns - Lower right pattern Count from the center square on the right side edge up 2 squares then left 5 squares - add 1 square symbol that is missing.
Group 3 patterns - Upper left pattern Count from the lower left corner square up 14 squares then right 15 squares and delete this symbol.
Group 3 patterns - Upper right pattern Count from the lower center symbol up 6 squares then left 3 squares to delete this one symbol.
Group 3 patterns - Lower Left pattern Count from the lower right corner square up 2 squares then left 8 squares to delete this one symbol.
Group 3 patterns - Lower right pattern Count from the upper right corner down 2 squares then right 4 squares and delete this symbol also delete the symbol directly below it. Count from lower right corner square up 10 squares then left 3 to delete symbol. Also delete the symbol directly above it.


Sherry's Hearts

The thread it calls for says 1 skein each and it should read 3 skeins of each color.


The dimensions for the pattern should read. 8.25" x 12.50".

May You Be Blessed

Fabric should read Wichelt, Beach Walk 32 count, Finished size 9.91" x 15.50". See Weed is from Weeks Dye Works 2159 not Gloriana Sea Weed 088. If you want to use as a wedding or anniversary sampler just add their name and date. Alphabet added as an Extra bonus pattern. 147 h x 248 w. Total design area measures 9.91” x 15.50”. Stitched on 32 count Lugana fabric – Beach Walk with two strands of floss over two fabric threads. Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works floss used.

Grandma Pitty-Poo Correction

There was a numbering error on the diagrams page it is now corrected and should read: "You can modify the way the diagram is stitched as long as each section is layered in the numbering order. Such as: finish the triangles around the entire boarder first (1-4), then the long stitches like #5 & 10; next the large upside down V’s (11-13), and last the 14-16."

Bloomin Heart's:

The floss that reads 3243 should read 3253.

A few patterns went out showing the "3" symbol used twice. The first "3" symbol is right and is used in the center flower. The second "3" symbol is the right color and is shown in the boarder flowers. We have now changed that symbol.

Mojave Correction:

Missing Stitch in two places - upper and lower area. Picture of area:

mojave correct

Bloomin' Hearts

We received a call which ended with these new diagrams for Bloomin Hearts. Hopefully they are much easier to read. If you ever had problems with a pattern please let us know so we can help you. It helps us also to create better and better diagrams and instructions. We are always happy to make you better diagrams. Sincerely, Lynda

Correction 1

Correction 2

Correction 3

Correction 4

Gibson Girl

Planet Earth color 1048 should have been 1046 Mustang

For My Sister

Olivine #206 is listed as The Thread Gatherer and it is a Gloriana silk.

Flower Series 2

Correction for #6

Corrections for #4

Pattern #3:
The dot at the top of the color key reads 772 and should be 746.


3-Sided Ornament Instructions

"Instructions for three sided ornaments"

Finishing instructions. Back stitch all outlines with two threads of floss. Press stitched piece from reverse, straightening as much as possible. Using stabilizer cut to same size as stitched piece, adding 1/2” boarder on all sides. Following manufacturer’s instruction, fuse stabilizer to back of stitched piece. Trim stitched piece to 1/2” from stitching on all sides (same size as stabilizer). Measure the center part of the ornament, all three sections together. Cut out a piece of mat board the same size. Divide into three even sections and score it on two sides so that you can fold into a triangle. Tape the triangle piece together and cover with batting. Set aside. Turn seam allowances to back of stitched piece and finger-press in place, pressing along back  stitched border. Carefully fold ornament so that edges are together, right side out, and back stitched borders aligned. Working through back stitched border and using two strands of thread, sew two angled sides of top together. Add ribbon to make a hanger and whip stitch last angled side together. Fit your triangle board into the middle section and sew the side seam. Fill with batting making sure to add enough to also fill the point. Sew together bottom points in the same manner making sure to add bottom ribbons.ı

Shangri-la missing leaf

Laser Lace Ornament Lily Color Key

Wisteria laser ornament correction

Correction for Just Weeks

Symbols Corrections
2109 Morris Blue
2339 Blue Bonnet
2159 Seaweed
2198 Ivy
1225 Tiger’s Eye
1121 Straw
1277 Collards
4111 Lucky
2336 Ultraviolet
2334 Lilac
2152 Kentucky  Blue Grass
2166 Bayberry
Pattern Corrections
The top page of the pattern has mistakes.
Top row third motif, and second row first motif, have the mistakes
and are the same color as the third row second motif. The bottom page
of the pattern the second row is correct.
Sorry for the confusion.

Correction for Compass

The Blue Grass is right but the other one should be "Glisson Gloss    Colorwash #509"

The Blue Grass 050 is a Gloriana Thread not a Thread Gatherer SNC.

Laser Ornament Scarlet

To clarify the thread used - it is the six stranded silk floss - use one strand. The use of the words Pepper Pot in the products section has caused this confusion.

Butterfly Hope

The last number stitch on 1a is 13-14. Then when you go to 1b the numbering started with 13-14 and it should have been 15-16. If you continue the rest of the diagram changing the numbering by that one change you get to the 55-56 points.

Itty-Bitty's diagram

Added diagram for group 3




Lynda Keske
Phone: (360) 892-5662
Fax: (360) 260-7150
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